Curious about cryptocurrency? There’s a new podcast for that

The Crypto Cousins podcast - about cryptocurrency

The Crypto Cousins podcast

I don’t want to sound too dramatic here, but… two men have done more to change my life than anyone. And now, those two have teamed up to start a new podcast about cryptocurrency.

I hope this doesn’t come off sounding too much like a commercial, but here goes…

Gary Leland and Tony Cecala are launching the Crypto Cousins podcast.

I’ve been talking to both of them about their new show and, I have to tell you, I’m really excited.

I’m excited for them because I think this show is going to be big. And I’m excited about the opportunities in cryptocurrency.

I can’t promise or guarantee results if you invest in cryptocurrencies. This is definitely a “buyer beware” situation.

But, I believe, this is a great time to get into the game.

Cryptocurrency is still a wide-open opportunity. It’s going to shake up our world.

I realize that many of you have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Some of you may have dismissed it while others might be a little unclear about exactly what it is.

Well, this podcast is for you. This is your chance to learn about and get into the cryptocurrency game while it’s still in its infancy.

They have a Facebook group and Facebook  page for the show. I recommend you Like the page and Join the group so you don’t miss out.

And, when their podcast launches soon, be sure and subscribe to the show.

I can’t predict the future, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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My mindfulness status report

status report

Status report! Status report!

It’s been a while since I’ve given you an update on my online business.

Making money online is hard – for Mitch.

I have five shirts for sale on Amazon using their Merch program. So far, after two months, I still haven’t sold a single shirt.

No one seems to want my adorable Yorkie shirt or my hilarious jetpack shirt or my clever meditation shirt.

But, help is on the way thanks to my friend Lisa Irby of Passive Shirt Profits.

Lisa is killing it. Last month, she sold nearly 1,000 shirts on Merch.

Of course, I’m going to listen to Lisa’s advice.

Here’s what she had to say about my listings:

“The #1 thing almost EVERYONE is doing who has emailed me is going way too broad and there’s too much competition in the keywords they are targeting. But I like the concept. I think it’s just too much competition.”

She’s right, of course. She did an Amazon search on the keywords for one of my shirts and got 180 pages of results. And she got over 80 pages of search results for another.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Merch, you really need to check out Lisa’s website at

She also advises:

“Combining two niches/topics can be a gold mine if you get the right combo.”

Clearly, I have some work to do. Once I get this show edited and scheduled, I’ll get right on it.

Time to apply the Meditate with Mitch Mindfulness Mind Trick!

I’ll give you an update when conditions warrant. Hopefully, soon!


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Build your team for a better podcast


Regular or irregular?

This is part five of my six-part series for creating a better podcast to compete with the really popular shows.

Tip number five: to build the best possible team for your podcast, find a mix of one-time and regular contributors.

Remember to think like an editor of a magazine. Each podcast episode can be made up of segments or stories.

Regular contributors on your team might be a co-host or commentator or cover a specific “beat” for your show. And, you can think of the one-time contributors as being like freelance writers for a magazine.

This model allows you to create a flexible virtual team for each podcast episode. Bringing in new contributors on each episode can help keep your show fresh.

Another advantage to bringing in one-time contributors is it might be easier to find people to create content for the show for free – since it’s a one-time deal. And, you can think of it like a guest post on a blog. Depending on your show and your audience, it could be good exposure for the contributor.

So, go out there and put your team together. Your show will be a lot better for it.


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Does a podcast make sense for your business?


Five years ago in podcasting: those were the days

If you’re listening to my voice right now, chances are you’re a regular podcast listener.

Some of you may be podcasters yourselves or, maybe, you’re thinking about starting one.

And, if you have a business – online or brick-and-mortar – a podcast is supposed to be a great way to market your business. This is something I’ve talked about on the show.

The way it’s supposed to work is this: you produce a podcast about the industry you’re in or a topic your customers are interested in.  You build an audience and these people become fans of your show and, hopefully, visit your online or real life store.

Some entrepreneurs have been wildly successful using their podcast to market their business. Many don’t even advertise – they rely on the podcast alone for their marketing.

But, the problem with this model is one of attention. You’re trying to use your podcast to get attention for your business.

Okay, all well and good. So, now the question is: how do you find an audience for your podcast? Think about it – you’re really just shifting the problem from finding an “audience” for your business to finding an audience for your show.

A few years ago, you could start a podcast about some interest or niche and find an audience without too much trouble.

Those days are gone. Today, it might be harder to find an audience for your podcast than finding customers for your business.

Let me repeat – it might be harder to find an audience for your podcast than finding customers for your business. Many times, it IS harder.

So, does a podcast make sense for your business?

Stay tuned for my next episode.


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Taylor Bradford wants to teach you to be an Epic Boss Girl

Taylor Bradford

Who is Taylor Bradford?

Taylor Bradford has been many things:

  • Personal trainer
  • Landlord with some rental houses and commercial property
  • Motorcycle business owner
  • Used car lot owner
  • Petroleum Landman
  • Blogger
  • Podcaster
  • Founder of Boss Girl Creative

She’s also a speaker, creative entrepreneur, blogging and social media consultant and coach.

Yup, she lives in Texas.

When I met Taylor at Podcast Movement this year, I had no idea who she was.

The next day, Taylor was in a panel session called “Go Beyond the Ears & Downloads. Getting to Know YOUR Podcast Audience”. It was a fantastic presentation and Taylor showed that she really knows her stuff.

Boss Girl Creative

Anyway, let’s get back to her Boss Girl Creative. This is where Taylor shares her passion of teaching fellow bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to further their creative businesses.

On the Boss Girl Creative website, you can check out her blog, podcast, and other Boss Girl Creative Services.

Are you looking for a podcast where you can learn to become a better entrepreneur? Taylor’s podcast really delivers. One of the reasons this show stands apart from other shows about entrepreneurship is it’s hosted by a real seasoned businessperson.

This isn’t business theory – it’s based on real business experience.

You don’t have to be an Epic Boss Girl to listen, either. Check it out at


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Create If Writing: Authentic platform building minus the smarm

Kirstin Oliphant Create If Writing podcast and blog

Non-smarmy platform building for writers and bloggers

Do you enjoy the creative stuff like writing or blogging but hate hearing about promotion and “building a platform”?

Kirstin Oliphant of the Create If Writing blog and podcast hears you loud and clear.

Her goal, as she states on her website is to “help writers, bloggers, and creatives like YOU turn readers into raving fans and learn to make a living doing what you love…without being smarmy.”

I met Kirstin at Podcast Movement this year. She was sitting off by herself working at her computer when I caught up with her.

I seem to have a good sense about people and I can usually spot the thought leaders and achievers.

It turns out, she was presenting at the event this year.

After I got home, I checked out her podcast and website. I found a wealth of information for people who want to make a living doing what they love without having to sell out to the man.

Does that describe you? I’ll bet it describes many of us.

You really need to check out the Create If Writing website. She’s got some great resources to help you build your email list, grow your blog, write and publish your book, and – writer nerd alert – she loves the Oxford comma.

Even if you don’t see yourself as the creative type, you owe it to yourself to go to her website –, sign up for her emails, and start learning how to build that platform… without being smarmy.


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Click bait is making us dummer

click bait

You have to have original thoughts to succeed

If you find yourself reading and sharing click bait, I’m going to ask you to do something for me.

It’s a small thing, but it will make a big difference in your life.

Stop it! Just, stop it!

I came across a Quora answer today by Simon Trevor who explains what click bait is:

“News outlets need headlines that will get people to click on it. They make money from you reading their articles and viewing ads. They make money by selling trending news.

“And 99% of the time, there is nothing to write about. So they make click bait headlines with minimal evidence that will get (people) to constantly view their articles.”

Now, this isn’t really true of all or even most news outlets. However, you should be critical of everything you read – click bait or not.

I see so many people who share this junk on social media – especially Facebook. Sometimes, these click bait stories are their prime source of information.

Which is beyond sad.

People see so many of these stories, they become hypnotized by it. It’s scary to see how easily so many people can be made to believe almost anything.

If you listen to this podcast, I’ll assume you’re trying to improve your life. Maybe you want to start a business or be more creative or more productive – whatever.

If you cut this junk out of your reading diet and become a more critical reader, I promise you’ll find it easier to start thinking for yourself.

And that’s a big step in the right direction for anyone who wants to be more successful. Or, just a better person.


What did you do to improve your life today?

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The World Wanderers Podcast

The World Wanderers Podcast

Digital Nomad sighting in Anaheim

Have you ever been inspired to quit your conventional 9 to 5 job and spend a few years traveling around the world?

Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson are doing just that. Luckily for you, they document their journeys on their blog and podcast – The World Wanderers.

I met a lot of fascinating people at Podcast Movement this year. And I think Amanda and Ryan were the first people I talked to.

One of the great perks about going to Podcast Movement is how easy it is to strike up a conversation. All you have to do is ask, “Tell me about your podcast.” Amanda and Ryan told me about The World Wanderers Podcast.

On their show, Amanda and Ryan talk about their adventures as Digital Nomads. For example, they talk about not being based out of a single place for more than a month for the past 14 months.

They’ve talked about the pros and cons of not having a mortgage and being free to travel. And they talk about the weird concept of not having a “home” to be homesick for.

So far, they’ve visited six continents and over 50 countries.

I find this very inspiring. Not too many people are willing to take the leap of faith that they did.

You really ought to check out The World Wanderers Podcast.

You can support them through Patreon and they also make some money with affiliate programs.

We wish Amanda and Ryan well and “safe travels”!

Stay tuned for more podcasting adventures from Podcast Movement.


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Podcast Movement: Find your tribe

Podcast Movement

Your tribe is out there

I just got back from Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim.

I had a wonderful time and met podcasters from all over the world.

There were a lot of amazing podcasters in attendance. I’ll be featuring many of them on the show over the next few days.

One of the reasons I enjoyed the conference so much is most attendees are part of my tribe: podcasters.

If you’re finding it challenging to stay motivated as you pursue your dreams, you might need to find your tribe.

Meeting like-minded people can really help you keep those motivation batteries charged.

If you’re looking for your tribe, a great starting place might be Meetup. You can find a lot of entrepreneurs in the following Meetup groups:

  • WordPress
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ebay and Amazon sellers
  • Facebook ads
  • Local entrepreneurs

Spending time with and getting to know others in your tribe pays a lot of dividends. You can find mentors who can help you when you get stuck or lost in the weeds.

Chasing your dreams can get isolating and a little lonely sometimes. So, get out there, find your tribe, and get re-energized!


Have you found your tribe?

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My Merch by Amazon update

Merch turtle

The Merch adventure continues

When I recorded yesterday’s show, I had two completed designs on Merch by Amazon.

After I recorded the show, I opened up Photoshop and finished three more designs. So, I’m halfway to my 10 design limit.

And, oh, yeah, still no income from this.

An interesting thing happened as I was working in Photoshop yesterday. I started playing with the custom shapes that come with the software and I challenged myself to use these shapes in creative ways.

This was another chance to practice mindfulness and see if I could get lost in the design process.

As a result, I figured out a way to create a guy flying with a jetpack and it looks pretty cool.

I also created a psychedelic design by taking a basic shape and torturing it.

My original goal was to simply create two more designs for Merch. I  managed three and, more importantly, discovered I really enjoyed the design process.

I can’t wait to get back to it and see what other designs I can come up with.

But wait, what about Podcast Movement?

I don’t have time to work on those designs right now because I leave for Podcast Movement in Anaheim tomorrow morning.

Packing always takes longer than I expect. I’m also taking some pens and notebooks and recording equipment for this show and the new podcast I’m planning.

With about 2,000 podcasters attending, I’m going to interview a lot of people for the show.

You’ll hear about that when I get back, so stay tuned!


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