The Open Sky Fitness podcast – with Rob and Devon Dionne

A fitness podcast entrepreneurs should listen to

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at gate A7 at DFW, waiting for my flight to Santa Ana. I was on my way to Podcast Movement.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the crazy dude running around the airport was Rob Dionne, the producer and co-host of the Open Sky Fitness podcast.

A lot of podcast hosts tend to be attention getters and Rob is no different.

It was pretty obvious he was in great shape and had a LOT of energy.

Meet Rob and Devon

The next day, I met Rob and his wife at the conference and found out about their show.

Rob and Devon Dionne host the Open Sky Fitness podcast which is, wait for it, about fitness and healthy living.

Now, I know there are a lot of fitness podcasts out there. Why would you want to listen to this one?

Well, they’ve been doing the show for a while – they’re up to episode 164.

The shows are very entertaining and informative. Rob and Devon are married and have a great chemistry. On recent shows, they’ve covered:

  • Ways to create structure for a crazy schedule
  • Gut health: healing autoimmune disease (interview with Dr. Michael Ruscio)
  • Goat’s milk versus cow’s milk: which is better?
  • Metabolism: How it impacts your weight loss
  • All you need to know about sugar substitutes

Rob and Devon had both struggled with their weight and health and later learned how to live very healthy and productive lives. They’ve produced a fitness and nutrition instruction guide, developed a 4-week healthy kick-start program, offer fitness and nutrition coaching, and more.

They aren’t just podcasters – they’re entrepreneurs and are one of the few I know of who sponsor their own show!

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for better ways to market, why not sponsor your own podcast?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re busy. You may not think you have time for fitness and nutrition. But you know you need it.

You really ought to check out the Open Sky Fitness podcast.


Do you have a fitness routine other entrepreneurs would find useful?

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