The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project digs deep

This is an excavation and exploration of Rock N Roll

Where did Rock N Roll music come from? How does Rock N Roll affect the larger society and vice versa? These aren’t easy questions to answer, but that’s what the Rock N Roll Archaeology Project is all about.

The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project is a true passion project with an emphasis on “passion”.

The founder of the project is Christian L Swain: a true Rock N Roller – no question – end of discussion – period.

I met Christian at Podcast Movement and he was easily the most intense human being in attendance. He’s also one of the nicest.

Christian started this project because:

“I burn with a desire to share music. Not as a performer…, but as a fan who wants to share the passion, the power, the art. Find where it fits, feel it and search out the history; describe how it shaped me as a person, how it shapes the world I know.”

Inspired by podcasters, such as Dan Carlin and Robin Pierson, Christian started not one, but SEVEN podcasts for this project.

  • Rock N Roll Archaeology
  • Rock N Roll Librarian (books)
  • Reel Rock (movies)
  • Vinyl Snob
  • Rock Talk
  • Long Strange Podcast (Grateful Dead documentary)

These podcasts are really well produced, entertaining, and must-listens for any true Rock N Roll fan – which definitely includes me.

Christian says that Rock N Roll turned his world from black and white to color. If you’re a Rock N Roll fanatic like me, you know exactly what he’s talking about.

If you love Rock N Roll – I mean really love Rock N Roll – you have to listen to The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project podcasts.


Have you ever had a life experience that turned your world from black and white to color?

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