Kristy Arnett and WTF Am I Doing With My Life

Kristy Arnett: professional poker player and risk/relationship coach

So, I met a professional poker player at Podcast Movement.

Who could possibly be more mindful than a professional poker player?

Kristy Arnett has spent the last decade as a reporter in the poker industry (yes, it’s an industry) and as a professional player.

Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? How would you like to live in Las Vegas and fly all over the world playing in poker tournaments and being on television?

The reality for Kristy is quite a bit different.

On her blog and podcast, she speaks openly about her struggles with anxiety and the toll it has taken on her relationships and her marriage.

On her podcast, WTF Am I Doing With My Life, Kristy mixes interviews with personal growth experts and some pretty raw and unfiltered stories. Her goal is to inspire people to take risks and improve their relationships.

I really like her show. I think Kristy has a winning personality that just leaps out of my headphones. The podcast is well-produced – it’s obviously not just thrown together.

Looking for a risk and relationship expert? Maybe you didn’t think you were looking for one.

In either event, do yourself a favor and check out the WTF Am I Doing With My Life podcast at

P.S. I’m not kidding about being mindful. When you talk to Kristy, she is totally in the moment and focused on what you’re saying. It’s a pretty cool thing to watch.

And yes, she meditates, too!


Are you taking risks to stretch and make your life and relationships better?

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