Taylor Bradford wants to teach you to be an Epic Boss Girl

Who is Taylor Bradford?

Taylor Bradford has been many things:

  • Personal trainer
  • Landlord with some rental houses and commercial property
  • Motorcycle business owner
  • Used car lot owner
  • Petroleum Landman
  • Blogger
  • Podcaster
  • Founder of Boss Girl Creative

She’s also a speaker, creative entrepreneur, blogging and social media consultant and coach.

Yup, she lives in Texas.

When I met Taylor at Podcast Movement this year, I had no idea who she was.

The next day, Taylor was in a panel session called “Go Beyond the Ears & Downloads. Getting to Know YOUR Podcast Audience”. It was a fantastic presentation and Taylor showed that she really knows her stuff.

Boss Girl Creative

Anyway, let’s get back to her Boss Girl Creative. This is where Taylor shares her passion of teaching fellow bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to further their creative businesses.

On the Boss Girl Creative website, you can check out her blog, podcast, and other Boss Girl Creative Services.

Are you looking for a podcast where you can learn to become a better entrepreneur? Taylor’s podcast really delivers. One of the reasons this show stands apart from other shows about entrepreneurship is it’s hosted by a real seasoned businessperson.

This isn’t business theory – it’s based on real business experience.

You don’t have to be an Epic Boss Girl to listen, either. Check it out at BossGirlCreative.com.


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