Take a canoeing adventure

This was no boating accident!

I was trying to decide what kind of adventure to talk about today when I came across an interesting Facebook post. My friend, Christopher Gronlund, aka The Juggling Writer, got out early today to go canoeing at a local lake.

Talk about your serendipity-do-dah! Perfect timing, Chris.

By the way, Chris took the picture of his canoe I used in the show notes.

It was probably around 70 degrees – a gorgeous day – when Chris got out with the canoe.

When was the last time you went canoeing? I’m scared to do the math on this one.

I remember watching Magnum PI re-runs when Magnum would go out kayaking in the ocean. Even though his tiny shorts made me uncomfortable, I always thought it would be fun to do that myself.

I have other friends who like to get out on canoes or kayaks whenever they can.

Facebook update: Chris found a beach to explore this morning.

Chris explores the beach
Chris explores the beach

You can buy a canoe for 400 bucks or more. You can rent a canoe for 40 or 50 bucks. Kayaks are a bit more expensive.

So, what’s stopping you from exploring your own local lakes and rivers?

Just be sure you wear a life preserver. Safety first, exploring second.


Have you found something interesting or fun to explore?

Tell me about it – [email protected]

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