The State Fair of Texas and Mindfulness

My mindfulness lesson at the fair

I’ve lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2000 and have never gone to the State Fair of Texas – until now. I made up my mind it was finally going to happen this year.

I chose a Tuesday for my visit to avoid the super-busy fair days. Still, the crowd grew steadily throughout the day to a pretty healthy size.

While there, I ran into my buddy and fellow podcaster, Tim Vasquez of The Launch podcast who was interviewing Mitchell Glieber, the President of the State Fair of Texas.

Tim and Zach at the State Fair of Texas
Tim Vasquez of “The Launch” podcast interviews Mitchell Glieber, President, State Fair of Texas as Zach Lewis looks cool and mans the soundboard

So, I got to meet the President while I was there and Tim interviewed me on his show. And I made a couple of new friends.

That’s one of the coolest parts about being a podcaster and hanging out with other podcasters – you never know who you might get to meet or what you might get to experience.

Exploring the fair, I finally had a Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dog. If you aren’t from Texas, this is the original corn dog which the Fletcher brothers started selling at Fair Park in 1942.

I also sampled a fried grilled cheese sandwich, fried brownies, and an awesome cinnamon roll.

If you’re wondering about my diet, I just sampled them.

Anyway, back to Tim’s podcast. We were talking about mindfulness and being in the moment.

People at the fair were having a wonderful time. Most people who go to the fair don’t have to work at this while they’re there. I saw a few smartphones here and there, but most fairgoers ignored their phones to EXPERIENCE the fair.

And then it occurred to me – what if we could be mindful and experience the rest of our lives as intensely as we do the fair? Wouldn’t that be amazing?


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