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Dallas Fan Days 2017

If you’re looking for a local event where you feel like you’ve stepped into a different universe, look no further than your local comic book convention.

I just got back from Dallas Fan Days in Irving, Texas where I had an amazing time. I saw tons of talented cosplayers from all over the country.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, cosplay is a contraction of costume play where cosplayers dress up as characters from movies, comic books, anime, video games, literature – the list is endless.

Many cosplayers make their own costumes and props and do their own make-up. You might see costumes and make-up that rival anything you’d see in a big budget science fiction movie.

Cosplay isn’t just a hobby for many – it’s a passionate subculture, too.

Tinker Bell at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days
Tinker Bell at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days

I usually take my camera and take tons of cosplay pictures like the ones on this blog post. I’ll be sharing those pictures with some of the cosplay Facegroup groups in a few days.

In addition to the cosplayers, you’ll found dozens, if not hundreds of vendors selling comic books, original art, videos, t-shirts, books, and all kinds of collectibles.

There were several thousand attendees at Dallas Fan Days this year. And they are an interesting group of people. I always make a few new friends when I go to a comic con.

There are hundreds held each year all over the world. If you’ve never been to a “con” before, you owe it to yourself to experience one.

You don’t have to wear a costume to a con, but it gives you a good excuse if you want to.


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