Guess who meditates?

I am a big Pat Flynn fan

If you don’t know who he is, Pat is a very successful online entrepreneur. But, before that, in 2008, shortly before his wedding, he was laid off from his job at an architectural firm.

Pat Flynn at Podcast Movement

2008 was not a good year to lose your job.

This forced him to follow Plan B: he started an online business built around passive income and hasn’t looked back.

Today, Pat’s show, The Smart Passive Income podcast, is one of the most popular and inspiring business podcasts on iTunes. Thousands of people all over the world listen to the show and follow Pat’s advice.

In a recent episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast, Pat said:

“I practice meditation, too. It’s done amazing things for me in my focus and creativity… and allowing me to breathe a little bit between all the crazy stuff that we do in our personal life and our business life. It’s definitely a much needed thing. I can see why a lot of entrepreneurs, especially very successful ones, make it a priority to do it every single day.”

If you listen to his show (and you should), you’ll know how busy Pat is with multiple businesses and his family.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to talk to Pat this summer at Podcast Movement so I can ask him more about how meditation has helped him in his business and his personal life.

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Let’s take five and meditate.

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